VR Shooter

This project is my first attempt at creating a game for a VR HMD, it consists of three small games in which you must use one or two colourful guns to destroy the corresponding blocks.
You are equipped with one gun the colour of which can be toggled between orange and blue, using this gun you can shoot the corresponding blocks as they fly through the air to increase your score. Hitting multiple blocks in quick succession increases your combo modifier which allows you to gain an increased amount of points for each block hit. 
In this game you are equipped with one blue gun and one orange gun you need to shoot the colourful targets before they reach the green bases as each time they do they will damage it, if damaged enough the base will be destroyed and if you lose three bases it's game over.
There are pink targets in this game mode that need to be shot with both guns.
Repel Plus
This game uses features from both of the previous games as you are required to defend the same bases as in repel however your guns can change colours which you will need to manage in order to destroy the new targets in this gamemode.
This game currently only works with the HTC Vive.
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